The logistics and transportation industry is experiencing lots of disruption. In view of these developments, a number of tech products have been unveiled that are pushing the boundaries and changing how the business is conducted. However, cyber security and data breaches from internal and external sources remain a big challenge. Postal Force is increasingly adopting the use of mobile apps and efficient last mile delivery solutions to enhance service delivery to its end-users whether transporters or importers. The applications are easy to use and manage.

Working smart offers several benefits to Postal Force customers. The benefits include speedy communication and enhanced service delivery. The cutting-edge solutions can greatly curtail the rising cost of logistics and shipping. The key functions embedded on Postal Force logistics app include performance reporting, carrier selection, Map based dispatch, dedicated customer service, customized tracking and freight payment. The tracking process can be done in real time, which makes it convenient for customers to monitor and manage their shipments.

For busy customers, shipment notifications, customer account information and cargo information can all be accessed through the app. Drivers, on their part can use on-board technology to calculate mileage, submit delivery reports and access work schedules and service hours. The on-board GPS tracking system offers accurate results and promotes worker productivity. Postal Force understands that the growth of transportation networks and complexity in logistics management will place more demand on institution prudent data management practices.