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Safety and Compliance

The safety and regulatory policies followed by Postal Force are grounded on a comprehensive framework that emphasizes no harm to people and the environment. The policy is in compliance with various industry standards and regulations set by entities like OSHA, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards are aimed at reducing motor vehicle accidents and effective monitoring of drivers and freight carriers.

To ensure the safety of drivers and vehicle, Postal Force undertakes: drug and alcohol screening, safety training and regular fleet inspection and maintenance. The safety training program and regular vehicle inspection is important in keeping the workers productive. The drivers are usually evaluated based on skills and competence. An on-board technology has been put up to help drivers comply with some of the regulations. On the part of the management, an in-depth understanding of various transportation and logistics rules is important.

The strategies are implemented across the various management hierarchies through institutionalization of comprehensive compliance policy and progressive staff training. Postal offers a range of customized courses designed to keep staff updated on safety practices and has partnered with leaders in the trucking industry to tap into the latest learning resources. Postal Force maintains a proactive approach when it comes to risk management. The foresight is necessary in identifying internal and external issues as well as special risks affecting the running of the business.

A lot of trucking liability emanate from choice of transportation and driving conditions. These include environmental hazards, insurance, cargo loss, on-work injuries and spillage of contaminants. The increase in the number of goods being handled by logistics firm is placing a lot of strain on data management and security. Because of this, the firm has in the recent past invested modern and secured systems that promote data transfer and sharing. An efficient system will ensure accurate and updated information bereft of inconsistencies and outdated provisions.

This is important in safeguarding the company reputation and ensuring transparency and accountability when claims arise. The company will continue to tailor its services to match the needs of its customers and improve on the lagging competencies. The team charged with overseeing compliance and staff training is well-versed with local, national and international laws and regulations governing logistics. Staff training is critical in entrenching the best practices.

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