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When it comes to transport – be early, solve problems, be consistent, and deliver on your promises – that’s Postal Force!

Postal Force is a diverse team of dedicated professionals with a win-win attitude and a high customer-retention rate. With a powerful operating philosophy and customer-centric services, the wide-ranging transportation and logistical solutions offered by Postal Force are tailored to meet the needs of customers large or small, with a specialized focus on the middle-mile segment of transportation.

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Yes, committed to your success, and committed to bringing value, flexibility and trust.

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We are licensed and insured for every mile of our operation.


We are constantly thinking of new ways to make things faster, safer, and more efficient for our clients.


It’s key to the Postal Force company culture. You need a partner to depend on, bring value, and meed your ever-changing needs. And you'll find all of those things when doing business with Postal Force.

A Proactive and Collaborative Approach

Business changes… and we deliver value through staying FLEXIBLE through those changes. It’s key to how we do business.

Value. Flexibility. Responsibility. The unifying values that create our company culture. Postal Force is a diverse team of dedicated professionals with a win-win attitude to achieve our goals.

No matter the job, we maintain a large fleet of dedicated vehicles, including tractor trailers, cargo vans and straight trucks that can get your order delivered in any shape or size.

Specialized transportation is also available to ensure climate-controlled and cryogenic shipments are transported safely to their destinations. That’s why we are here.


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Do you need us to be your middle man? LTL or FTL, dedicated routes, post office DDU injection, box truck routes, or more? You’re at the right place. Or maybe you have questions or comments regarding our services? Are you interested in our company or the opportunities we can offer? We’d love to hear from you.

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