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Value. Flexibility. Responsibility. The unifying values that create our company culture.

We are all about providing VALUE through our service, being FLEXIBLE to our customers needs, and being down right RESPONSIBLE.

Postal Force is a diverse team of dedicated professionals with a win-win attitude and a high customer-retention rate. With a powerful operating philosophy and customer-centric services, the wide-ranging transportation and logistical solutions offered by Postal Force are tailored to meet the needs of customers large or small, with a specialized focus on the middle-mile segment of transportation.

In line with its customer centric approach to service, Postal Force is focused on strengthening its transportation and logistics offerings. The long-term commitment involves compliance with industry standards, observing safety regulations and using state-of-the art technology. The firm also undertakes various back-end services such as sorting, warehousing and assembly. Sorting and distributing products is an integral component of the entire business.

To stay on top of things, Postal Force offers timely sorting, point-to-point delivery and rerouting services. The assembly and home delivery service is available for both small and large moves for items ranging from machinery and furniture to appliances and office supplies. Postal Force experts are always at hand to help customers realize quick and tangible results. Devices like scanners are used to process accurate information. Underpinning the need to provide a well-rounded multimodal logistics and transportation, the company performs certain in-house brokerage services.

The staff members deployed to work in the various departments have the knowledge and the capacity to help clients optimize their supply chain outcomes. One way to achieve these goals is providing tailored logistics and ensuring well-coordinated movements. The company solutions serve divergent industries, including the retail, manufacturing, agricultural, healthcare and the automotive sectors. For high value cargo, the company has provisions for first class and high security options. Specialized equipment’s are always at hand to help realize this promise.

For the warehousing, the company has an assortment of trolleys, pallet trucks and clean compartment storage to aid the transfer of stored items. The Delaware office is home to a large storage warehouse and logistics office. The fleet provided by Postal Force is huge and adaptable to carry any type of cargo. Depending on the goods, transportation is carried out using flatbed trailers, specialized trailers, refrigerated trailers, dry van and straight truck. A dedicated logistics software has been created to tap into these resources. Customers can use the platform to:

  • Make fleet replace or adjustment
  • Single sourcing the shipping service
  • Save money

Cost saving is easily achieved since the customers do not have to buy, lease or maintain own carrier. The investment in technology, safety and compliance is designed to give the company an edge over the competitive edge. The logistics officers sitting in the office use technology to plan logistics and perform tracking. The other areas, Postal Force is placing emphasize is on route optimization and fleet maintenance. Better route optimization results are achieved by choosing optimal or predictable pick-up time table and delivery times.

The broad analysis also looks at the traffic situation and fuel utilization. The fleet is well-maintained following a regular maintenance schedule. The undertaking is crucial in minimizing potential liabilities, reducing the rate of breakdowns and guaranteeing on-time and efficient delivery of goods. Postal Force maintains in-house fleet maintenance crew that includes qualified engineers and mechanics. However, outsourced expertise may be called in if the situation demands. Outside its core competencies, Postal Force supports various communal activities.

The initiatives cover environmental pollution, clean up exercises and volunteering. The initiatives are a component of sustainable business practices and push to safeguarding the environment. Guaranteeing smooth logistics operation requires the cooperation of all transport and logistics stakeholders. For this reason, Postal Force consistently partners with third-party providers and business partners to execute various plans of action. The parties include insurers, freight forwarders, accounting firms, warehouse operators and banking institutions.

The provision of exceptional customer service ranks high in guaranteeing positive outcomes and customer experience. To this end, Postal Force ensures timely fleet outsourcing and efficient logistics management. The services provided by the company are available 24-hours a day and throughout the year. The team includes support desk and logistics experts. In line with the company’s customer centric approach, Postal Force is committed to growing long-term relationship with its customers, suppliers and business partners.


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Postal Force serves all transportation needs, but mainly focuses on the middle mile segment of transportation by picking up pallets of parcels from customer's sort center docks and delivering them to their DDU (Delivery Destination Units).