All Services offered by Postal Force

The logistics and transportation industry in the US is huge and highly competitive. The industry encompasses maritime transportation, truck transportation, freight rail and express and air delivery. The air and express delivery is especially critical in making time-sensitive deliveries. The Delaware based Postal Force is a trusted logistics and transportation company in the US. Its operating philosophy is providing customer centric services. The wide ranging transportation and logistical solutions offered by the company are tailored to meet the needs of small and large customers.

The services include transportation, warehousing and tracking. When determining the transportation modes and needs of its customers, the company analyzes factors like the size of haulage, distance and the urgency of the dispatch. Because of the fast paced nature of today’s logistics industry, Postal Force has made a lot of effort in meeting the demands of same day delivery and last mile requirements. The company’s last mile delivery is not just tied to home delivery, it also includes safe storage. Shipments and distribution are carried out at local, interstate and international level.

To leverage transportation management competencies and expedite the delivery of orders, the company has adopted unique technology and delivery solutions similar to those used by leading logistic companies in the US. Postal Force maintains a large fleet of dedicated vehicles, including tractor trailers, cargo vans and straight trucks. The carriers are suited for carrying full load, partial load and undertaking multi-modal logistics. Specialized transportation is also available to ensure climate-controlled and cryogenic shipments are transported safely to their destinations.

Depending on the needs of the customers, the company can arrange for freight forwarding services. Through its sophisticated leveraging program, Postal Force uses its vast network of strategic partnership to ensure products reach their destination safely and on time. The service often comes in handy whenever international shipments are in the offing. The customer centric approach taken by the company has been critical to the company success. To this end, Postal Force, the entire logistics and transportation teams are committed to ensuring quick turnaround.

Teamwork is also critical in enhancing customer experience and growing the bottom line. The company’s customer service support is available 24/7 to ensure the needs of the customers are met regardless of the time. Customers who want to contact the help desk can do so through the phone, email and live Chat service. Postal Force maintains an active presence on the social media. It uses the platform to encourage users to provide feedback and get information and updates on various developments taking place inside and outside the company.